The minimum order value is only Rs 5,000/- now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to create an account to buy online?
Yes. Account can be created for free.


Q: Is the glass lead free?


Q: What kind of packaging does the glass bottles and glass jars come in?
Glass bottles are packed in 3 ply corrugated boxes without partitions or in cardboard tray with shrink wrap.


Q: Are the metal closure rust proof?
The closure is rust resistant. However, if you repeatedly use the same metal cap, the coating on the metal gets removed and metal is exposed to air/moisture/product. At this time, the cap can rust.


Q: Are the glass bottles/jars and closures airtight and leak proof?
Yes, glass bottles and glass jars and closure are designed in a way that they are leak proof and airtight.


Q: Are the closures free with glass bottles and glass jars?
No. You have to purchase them separately.


Q: Can I purchase only glass bottles and glass jars without closures?


Q: Are the glass bottles/jars microwave safe?


Q: Are the glass bottles/jarsdishwasher safe?


Q: Are these glass bottles/jars made in India or imported?
Made in India.

Q: Can we get bottle shapes customised?
Yes, customisation of glass bottles and glass jars can be explored as per your requirement. Please note that the minimum quantity required for customisation starts at 3 lakh pieces, depending on the size of the bottle.


Q: What is the composition of glass?
Glass comprises of silica (71%) with different % of calcium oxide, sodium oxide, aluminium oxide, barium oxide, boric oxide, potassium oxide, and magnesium oxide.


Q: What is the minimum order value or minimum quantity?
The minimum order value on the website is Rs 5,000/-.


Q: Can we get the glass bottle printed?
Yes. The products which are served fresh like milk shakes, juices and fresh milk, for them the bottles can be printed. For products, which have longer shelf life, we do not suggest printing as it requires many declarations and information as per the government guidelines.


Q: What is the MOQ for printing?
The MOQ for printing is 5,000 pcs of each size of the glass bottles.


Q: What is the price of printing on a glass bottle?
Printing prices start from Rs. 3/- per bottle. Please share the design to get the exact price.


Q: Can we get the closures customised?
Yes. The closures can be customised in various colors with your logo and branding.


Q: Do you provide free samples?
Yes. The buyer has to make an initial deposit for samples and postage, which is totally redeemable at the time of placing the order. As soon as you place an order for a sample, you will get a coupon of the same amount, which can be used for placing the order.


Q: How do I pay on

Payment can be made in following ways:


S. No. Method Charges
1 Check/Draft 0
3 Debit Card As per company
4 Credit Card As per company
5. Net banking As per company